Why use Rice Chamberlains?

This is perhaps the most important question people should ask, yet rarely do we get faced with having to answer it! Most estate agents break into a cold sweat when asked the question, simply because it is getting down to the real bare bones – why should we entrust you to sell or let our home?

Rice Chamberlains Estate Agents

Well apart from the outstanding marketing of your home, which is a must these days with the strength of the internet portals, alongside the strength of the staff we have, knowing our buyers, tenants or landlords so well through experience to make sure we can match the perfect buyer or tenant to your home, making sure every detail is correct to ensure the very best presentation of your home to get it in front as wide an audience as possible, through to our bespoke social media campaigns via Facebook and Twitter and beyond and knowing the local market as well as we do there is one key thing that will set an agent apart from another other and that is its people!

Your agent must have the enthusiasm, knowledge, care, tenacity but most importantly the empathy to handle your sale in the right way. It is not a sales business it is a people business, you are dealing with people’s emotions – homes are not just bricks and mortar. Without the care and attention to each client, working to best suit their needs and achieve the best outcome for them then you are ‘just another agent’. We earn our fee and people remember us for what we do once the house is sold or let, not the great pictures and all the fab marketing but how we dealt with problems and how we treated them as a client.

So your question why chose us? Simply the answer is because we feel we have the best people, a team that has worked together for a long time, a firm that understands that repeat business and recommendation is everything to us and how we survive and thrive but more importantly – we care. Please do see our reviews, this is the strongest indicator as to why people use us time and time again and what sets us apart not just from the ‘traditional high street’ full service agents but also the call centre agents as well.

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